JEPMóvil With you

Download our APP available on iOS or Android and find the benefits of your JEPMóvil.

JEPMóvil functions:

  • Consultation of your savings accounts balances.
  • Transfers between JEP accounts.
  • Interbank transfers.
  • Maintenance of beneficiaries.
  • Cellphone Recharges.
  • Basic services Payments
  • Investment Consultations.
  • Consolidated Position: Savings, Loans and Investments.
  • Credit Cards: Check Movements and Payments.
  • Withdrawal without card: Through this service we can make cash withdrawals in ATMs, without the use of the JEP VISA DEBITO card, for which a Security Code (OTP) generated by JEP Móvil is required. Requirements
    1. Have installed in yor phone the service JEP MOVIL
    2. have a data plan, so you can access the email registered in Jep on line and receive the Security Code that will allow you to generate the OTP to transact at the ATM
Searching JEP Agencies

The JEP Mobile app allows you searches JEP agencies by provinces and cities in the virtual map locating the exact address of each one of the agencies nationwide.

Locating ATM´s JEP

JEP mobile lets you view ATMs within 1km from the user's current location, in the absence of ATMs don’t exist in the specified radius, the app will search the nearest ATM.

Searching ATMs or agencies, JEPMóvil app allows us to know the route to agencies and ATMs indicating the distance and time to get there.

Credit and Savings simulator

JEP Mobile allows you do credit simulations to meet the financial burden detail, fees and payment tables. Also, in the savings simulator you can know the interest to be earned in the types of investments that JEP gives you.

Website and promotions

Mobile application allows you to enter the JEP website. Also, it lets you know promotions and premises affiliates in the Business Guide.

We remind you to enjoy all the JEPMóvil benefits you must have an active data connection plan or wi-fi